Josh is based on the top & left images from his appearance in the mini-comic Across the Crystal Light Barrier (I ignored his shirt on the right because it looks like a mistake).
I used He-ro's limbs & head on a Mo-larr body. I even wrote up a Bio for him:

Josh, Heroic Captain of the Brightmoon Guards.

An expert at wielding the Morning Star, he was called "the bashasaurus" by those he had defeated in combat. Josh was quick to anger, until he met Glimmer. They began a romantic relationship & would often go on picnics to enjoy Potato Salad.

As a member of The Great Rebellion, he followed Glimmer to Eternia to join the renegade Masters of the Universe and continue the fight against The Evil Horde. Leading the Brightmoon guards, they killed many Snakemen & destroyed countless Horde troopers.

After She-Ra left Eternia for the stars, Josh returned to Etheria amd married Glimmer. He sits besides the Queen of the Kingdom of Brightmoon as her husband.


The Bashasaurus in action

Octavia vs Josh & the brightmoon guards

Bros of The Great Rebellion!
Men of POP


Double Trouble

I sanded off the tab on the back of her neck so she can turn her head & look to the side. I also gave her a shield & replaced the gemstone with a green one. I glued green gemstones into the double Swords of Defense I bought from shapeways that I also painted.

Double Mischief

Fighting for the great Rebellion:
Double Mischief Heroic

Undercover with Hurricane Hordak:
Double Mischief Evil

With all her weapons, ready for a fight:
Double Trouble

Here she is with her vintage figure:
Double Trouble

So, not many changes but I think she is way better now.